Tension Headache

Stress Headache

Neck/Head Tension

Have you been seeking relief and not finding it? 

Irene P - I get headaches on a regular basis and Thai Acupressure has been a wonderful in getting rid of them.

Are you a manager and an loosing productivity when employees call out?

Lauren B - I am an attorney and get Migraines which last for several days at a time.  Brenda has used Thai Massage and Thai Acupressure to get rid of them and they are staying away longer and longer after each session.

Thai Massage and Thai Acupressure are part of the Thai Medical  System and are very effective in helping relieve your pain.

We have 10 Sessions Available with either Brenda or Roy 

We are offering a 60 min Massage plus an additional
 15 Mins of Thai Acupressure 
for $75.00

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