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Thai Practitioners & Licensed Massage Therapists

Roy & Brenda


Massage as a whole, is a spiritual, mental, physical and emotional process - it helps us to detach ourselves from the materialistic and daily grind of the world. It helps to reunite us with spiritual things and clears up our mind. It is definitely healing, as it helps to release the “feel good hormones that give us that natural high” and maximize the parasympathetic nervous system.

We have to credit our  beginnings and desire of bodywork to the influence of Yoga. As we were pursuing our Yoga certification, a young man who trains with Shiva Rhea, introduced us to Thai Massage. He spent just a few minutes stretching and manipulating oyur legs and hips, it was the craziest feeling I had ever experienced. From that point on, we were totally fascinated with it, and searched for a teacher to teach us this strange thing, called Thai Massage. we finally found one at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts, and took all of their classes, then took a cultural trip to Thailand to meet with other teachers. Some of which, we are still studying with today. Brought back an interesting technique called Tok Sen - which is basically using a mallet and stick on the meridian system.

Thai Massage which is part of Thai Medicine & Buddhist philosophy, is a practice that is literally centuries old, and can be dated back as early as the existence of Yoga. Since 2005, practicing this system and style has become my life and journey. 

From that point, we studied Acupressure at the Washington Institute of Natural Medicine. This was more of a flavor of Chinese Medicine mixed with some Japanese Shiatsu, more body manipulation and pressure points. Every culture seems to have their own acupressure system and means to bring the body back into balance.

After that,  pursued our training at the National Massage Therapy Institute to learn the western side of it. The use of oils, lotions and the european style of massage, has been a great addition to our arsenal  of massage tools. 

We expanded our skill set to informally teaching and passing on what we have learned. Offering private Yoga classes and small group bodywork classes for families, friends and neighbors. Looking forward to teaching more.

Reflexology was a big interest of ours, so we enrolled in the Baltimore School of Reflexology to learn more of the European & Chinese version of it. Previously, also learned the Thai version.

From that point, we went to study to learn about making and using Herbal Remedies. Preparing Herbal Bundles, Compresses, Poultices, Linaments, and Teas. Its a very exciting field to get into, and have already seen the benefits out of it from our own clients. 

Later we enrolled with Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage to learn Hot Stone and Ayurvedic massage with oils. 

People often ask us what do we do that is so different. We tell them we work the channels and unclog what is clogged up. We work different systems to bring balance, everything from the Chakra’s to the body’s Meridian system. Intuitively, each massage is different. We listen to your body as well as mine, for guidance to reboot and tune the body back to health. Some people need deep tissue work, others need something entirely different. So if you come to see us about your aches and pain, ask us about the Winds!

Well, we started with Metta and this is where we will end with Metta, which means Lovingkindness. The idea is, that as a Thai Practitioner or Bodyworker, the basis of massage should always be out of Lovingkindness. Its an idea, that is deeply intertwined in Thai culture. Borrowing a page out of their book and adopt it in my massages. 'Nurture your clients and Respect your teachers.'


Roy has Studied in Thailand and here are his modalities:
Thai Massage
Thai Foot Massage
Reflexology (European)
Abdominal Massage
Tok Sen
Heated Thai Herbal Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Swedish and Deep Tissue
Cranial Massage
Cupping & Scraping
Manual Lymph Drainage
Roy has studied Massage since 2004 and has journeyed to Thailand a couple times. His foundation is using Thai techniques, founded on Thai Massage/Medicine theory. His belief is to create space in the body to relieve pain and discomfort. Blockages can create pain, so his idea is to release these blockages using the techniques that he has learned.
Roy likes to keep the dialogue open with new people, and assess the body and the tissue as he is working.


Licensed Massage Therapists


He is also a recent graduate of Lexington Healing Arts Academy. Mike is furthering his studies in Sport Massage & Medicine. His techniques are in Swedish Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release.

He teaches assisted meditation and chakra balancing.

Mike does the following Modalities:
Sports Massage
Acute Injury Massage
Shiatsu Point
Swedish Massage
Thai Massage (60 mins)
Assisted Isolated Stretch (for sports & full body)
Energy Balancing/Chakra Balancing



Jessica modalities include:
Swedish Massages (60 & 90 Mins)
Reflexology (60 Mins)
Thai Yoga Massage (60 Mins)
Deep Tissue Work (60 - 90 Mins)
Thai Herbal (60 Mins)
Thai on the Table (60 & 90 Mins)
She starts slow, warms the tissue up good first to prevent extreme bruising of the tissue, as well to relax the body so it allows her to better access the deeper tissue.
Jessica likes to keep an open communication with her clients, this helps her to modify her pressure and tissue manipulation. She listens to what the body is telling her, and try to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.



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