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Thai Practitioners & Licensed Massage Therapists

Roy & Brenda


We credit our  beginnings and desire of bodywork to the influence of Yoga. As we were pursuing our Yoga certification, one of our instructors introduced us to Thai Massage. He spent just a few minutes stretching and manipulating our legs and hips, it was the best feeling we had ever experienced, and began searching for a teacher to teach us Thai Massage. We finally found one at the Thai Institute of Healing Arts, and took all of their classes, then took a cultural trip to Thailand to meet with other teachers. Some of which, we are still studying with today.

Thai Massage which is part of Thai Medicine and Buddhist philosophy, is a practice that is literally centuries old, and can be dated back as early as the existence of Yoga. Since 2004, practicing this system and style has become our life and journey. 

We decided to become Certified Massage Therapist, so we continued our training at the NMTI to learn Western Massage. The use of oils, lotions, which is not normally used in Thai Massage, was a addition to our arsenal  of massage tools. 

We have continued our studies, learning about Herbal Remedies, including how to makie and use them.  Our studies included preparing Herbal Bundles, Compresses, Poultices, Linaments, and Teas. Our clients have already seen and felt the benefits of using Herbal Remedies. 

People often ask us what do we do that is so different. We tell them we work the channels and create space.  We work intuitively, each massage is different, we listen to your body and ours for guidance on how to work on your body.   Sometimes your will need all over work, or a specific area worked.  It might need deep tissue work or trigger point work, but other times it needs to just let go and relax.

Well, we started with Metta and this is where we will end with Metta, which means Loving Kindness. The idea is, that as a Thai Practitioner or Bodyworker, the basis of massage should always be out of Loving Kindness. Metta, is deeply intertwined in Thai culture. Borrowing a page out of their book and adopt it in my massages. 'Nurture your clients and Respect your teachers.'

Roy Johnson
Thai Massage Modalities: Western Massage Modalities:
Thai Massage Reflexology
Thai Reflexology  Hot Stone
Abdominal and Womblifiting Aromatherapy
Tok Sen Swedish and Deep Tissue
Thai Herbal Massage Prenatal
Cupping & Scraping
Manual Lymph Drainage
Trigger Point Therapy
Roy has studied Massage since 2004 and became a CMT in 2007 in Virginial  Roy moved to Kentucky in 2012 and he transferred his Virginia CMT to become a LMT in Kentucky.  Thai Massage his massage foundation and he continues to strengthen that foundation by traveling to Thailand to continue his studies.  Roy uses Thai techniques in all of his massages by creating space in the body to relieve pain and discomfort.  Blockages can create pain, so his idea is to release these blockages using the techniques that he has learned.
Brenda Johnson
Thai Massage Modalities: Western Massage Modailities
Thai Massage Reflexology
Thai Reflexology  Hot Stone
Abdominal and Womblfting Aromatherapy
Thai Herbal Massage Swedish
Tok Sen Prenatal
Cupping and Scraping
Manual Lymph Drainage
Brenda has studied Thai Massage since 2004 and became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2007.  Brenda is from Lexingintn and upon returning to Kentucky she traferred her massage certification to Kentucky, becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Thai Massage is her foundation, but she explores other modalities such as Ahsiatsu and Ashi-Thai.


Licensed Massage Therapists
Swedish Massage
Thai Massage
Deep Tissue Work
Thai Herbal
Thai on the Table
She starts slow, warms the tissue up good first to prevent extreme bruising of the tissue, as well to relax the body so it allows her to better access the deeper tissue.
Jessica likes to keep an open communication with her clients, this helps her to modify her pressure and tissue manipulation. She listens to what the body is telling her, and try to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.



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